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National Union of Lift
Self-Regulatory Organizations

The National Union of Lift Self-Regulatory Organizations is a non-commercial body voluntarily uniting self-regulatory organizations that involve lift industry businesses and was created to represent and to protect the interests of such self-regulatory organizations. The Union was registered by the Russian Ministry of Justice on 16 April 2010.
The Union’s main objectives include:

- coordination of activities of Union members; 
- representation and protection of interests of self-regulatory organizations which are Union members in national and local authorities;
- ensuring cooperation of the said self-regulatory organizations with state and local authorities and final consumers;
- assistance in creating conditions for self-regulation development in the lift industry;
- protection of Union members (national manufacturers of goods, works and services in the lift industry).
Initiatives of Union activity:
- to represent Union members interests in their relations with Russian national and regional authorities as well as local authorities;
- to discuss issues relating to the national policy in the lift industry, to work on relevant proposals;
- to defend self-regulatory organizations that involve lift business and are members of the Union;
- procedural activities in self-regulation, preparation of draft regulations, guidance manuals and recommendations in the lift industry;
- to consider petitions, requests, complaints submitted by members of self-regulatory organizations which are lift industry businesses;
- to analyze the work of Union members as judged by information provided by such members to the Union in a manner prescribed by the Union’s Board;
- to ensure transparency of the members’ work and to publish information on such work;
- to develop and  strengthen contacts with foreign associations in the lift industry;
- to carry out any activities that do not contradict applicable law and Union objectives.
NSL SRO was founded by the following lift self-regulating organizations:
- Non-commercial partnership Self-Regulatory Organization “Inter-Regional Association of Lift Organizations” (NP SRO “MOLO”),
- Association of business cooperation Self-Regulatory Organization “Liftservice” (ADS “SO Liftservice”),
- Self-regulatory organization Inter-Regional Association of Conformity Assessment Organizations “Rusexpertlift” (SRO “Rusexpertlift),
- Self-regulatory organization Non-Commercial Partnership “Russian Lift Association” (SRO NP “RLO”).


Non-commercial self-regulatory partnership «Russian Lift Association», unites and supports national

manufacturers of lifts and lifts components. There are 44 organizations now.

Phone: +7 (495) 380‑39‑78; 969‑25‑52.


Non-commercial partnership «Self-regulatory organization «Inter-Regional Association of lift

organizations» — regulates the market of installation, start-up and commissioning of lifts equipments

and computer-aided dispatch systems. There are 340 organizations now.

Phone: +7 (495) 620‑58‑33, 620‑58‑34


Association of business cooperation «Self-regulatory organization «Liftservice» — regulates the

market of service, repair and modernization of lifts. There are 245 organizations now.

Phone: +7 (495) 620‑59‑02, 463‑04‑81


Self-regulatory organization «Inter-Regional Association of Conformity assessment organizations

«Rusexpertlift» — works in conformity assessment of industrial safety of lifting devices. There are

more than 120 organizations now.

Phone: +7 (495) 965‑53‑10.


Non-commercial partnership «Associations of project entities «Academic Project Center (APC)»

(NP «APС») — founded under the auspices of the Russian Academy of Architecture & Construction

Sciences and unites organizations performing activities related to architectural, construction,

production and scientific design, including design of lift systems.

Phone: +7 (499) 739‑29‑67, +7 (495) 932‑76‑70.


Non-commercial partnerschip «National committee of assistance to development of the mechanized

parkings» (NP «NK SRMP») — provides assistance in the development of enterprises acting on the

market of mechanized parkings and creates conditions for the introduction of mechanized parkings

at various facilities in the Russian Federation.

Phone: +7 (499) 753‑92‑00.


National Union of Self-regulatory Organizations on the industrial safety. Coordinates business

activity of self-regulatory organizations on carrying out examination of industrial safety. Unites

14 organizations, 650 commercial entity from 64 regions of Russia.

Phone: +7 (495) 500-51-98.


Non-profit partnership «Self-regulatory organization «Interregional Association of lift producers»

(NP SRO MOLP). Unites more than 30 russian and foreign producers of lifts and lift components

which go by innovations and modernization way in production of lifts and lift components.

Phone: +7 (495) 544-42-59; +7 (499) 946-34-04.