The Conference

Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Conference of the National Union of Lift Self-Regulatory Organizations held from 15 to 17 of November in Moscow.

For the first time Mr. Emanuele Emiliani  the treasurer of ELCA (European Lift Components Association) took part in the Conference of NSL SRO.
Thanks to effective work of NSL SRO in the exhibition of  “Lift Expo Russia – 2011”   the slide-report of the ELCA representatives at the conference become possible.  During the exhibition the first meetings and negotiations with representatives of leading  world lift Associations were hold as well as business visit to London on the delegation of NOSSTROY and attendance “Interlift” exhibition in Germany.  Also NSL SRO together with Rosstandart organized the 24-th Plenary meeting of ISO TC 178 ( including session of its working groups) in Moscow that passed at high-level.

Katerina Bobyrava the official Coordinator of ELCA  in Russia has acquainted conference  delegates  with the presentation devoted to organizational structure and principles of there Association work.

It is worth mentioning that it is only a small part of NSL SRО  work on strengthening of the  Russian Lift  industry  in the world. The last exhibition “Lift Expo Russia – 2011”  has shown that it is necessary for Union to initiate dialogue with foreign lift organizations and Associations to avoid idle talks about Russian lift market and community abroad.

Italian presentation catch the interest of Russian specialists.  Mr.  Emanuele Emiliani and Katerina Bobyrava were  asked a lot of questions  about  lifts condition, service regulations and standards of lifts modernization in Europe.

This Conference became a very important step  in the development of International relations between  the European Association ELCA and  NSL SRO.