Representatives of NSL SRО at the «Interlift 2011» exhibition

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The 10-th International Conference and the Exhibition «Interlift 2011» held from 17 through 24 of October in Augsburg, Germany. NSL SRО representatives visited the exhibition and it allowed lift-industry members to get acquainted with modern achievements in the sphere of lifts, manufacture, lift components and accessories.

This 17-th of October among the passengers of the flight Moscow-Munich were nobody except the representatives of Russian lift industry. The trip to Augsburg will be remembered by our delegates for a long time because, as it considered, this city is the most picturesque corner in Bavaria and in 1997 received the European award «The most green city».

Thanks to organizational work of NSL SRО many representatives of Russia lift industry had the opportunity to see a broad range of modern lift equipment. Traditionally the showroom has been divided into two part: the first part was occupied by European manufacturers and the second one - by representatives from southeast Asia.

NSL SRО delegates were perfectly satisfied by the exhibition contents. Delegates from Russia were amazed by a technical variety of stands and methods of material presentation: from the installation of working models to the imitating ones. The representatives of NSL SRO delegation were interested in accessories, crabs, engine models, electroequipment, frequency converters and software.

The keen interest of Russian delegation was caused by the exhibition copy of the system allowing to receive the information about the lift condition to the control office. This system was executed on the basis of an Internet-tablet and the smart phone.

Besides technical units of lift equipment, components and lift details there were a broad range of specialized prints and Internet portals at the exhibition. Daily, at the exhibition conference hall, there were thematic roundtable discussions devoted to the presentation of technology decisions and problems in lift industry. Participants put particular attention to the power efficiency and the consumer properties of lifts.

Open Company "Lift-complex DS" was the single Russian organization who represented the stand at the exhibition. This organization is a member of ADS SO "Liftservice" which, in turn, is a member of the NSL SRO.