NSL SRO and NOSTROY: development of foreign relations

Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Vice-president of NSL SRO Ivan Dyakov composed of the National Association of builders under the head of Efim Basin, had a business trip to London. There was a meeting between the representatives of «Foster and Partners» company and the International Federation of engineers-advisers (FIDIC). Ivan Dyakov kept company with the representatives of big British companies.


Ivan Dyakov’s membership in Council of the National Union of builders and presidency in NOSTROY allowed NSL SRО to get acquainted with European experience and establish economic relations with foreign partners without financial expenses.

We got many useful information from meeting between NOSTROY and the Main German union in building industry “Hauptverband der Deutschen Bauindustrie” that held in March,2011. Russian lift-members put particular attention to professional education and procedure of carrying out the decisions of SRO in life in Germany.

During the planning of this business trip to London Ivan Dyakov persuaded the colleagues from NOSTROY to acquaint with experience of British colleagues. So, the representatives from Leading British Associations organized a presentation in the first day.

English colleagues told about realization of large-scale projects where the original constructive were put in practice and show it at the concrete examples. Unique experience of London companies can be useful for Russian ones in sphere of realization of regional programs and lifts replacement.

During the business trip, representatives of NOSTROY saw amazing cultural objects such as a skyscraper “Heron Tower” – the highest building in Great Britain (height 247) . This tower is situated in the financial center of London where all spectrum of modern engineering is used.

The meeting of Russian delegates with representatives of the International Federation of engineers-advisers (FIDIC) and cooperation agreement with National association of builders became the major stage of visit.